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Scar on the Praeter (Project Scard Praeter no Kizu)

Download Scar on the Praeter anime which is also known as Project Scard Praeter no Kizu with English Sub from here. You can download Scar on the Praeter in 1080P, 720P and 480P from the downloading links given here.All the downloading links are working fine.


Under siege by foreign organizations, the Akatsuki Special Ward is a battlefield tainted with greed and violence, abandoning its citizens caught in the crossfire. In the wake of the anarchic turmoil emerges the Scard—vigilantes who wield supernatural abilities gifted to them by divine tattoos. Among them is Eiji Arashiba, the Hero of Akatsuki, who protects the district from tyrant outsiders.

One fateful day, Eiji contends with Dusk—a mafia syndicate—alongside Yamato Kai, a boy he recently met. Amid the chaos, Yamato blocks a sniper bullet heading toward Eiji, but the shot still strikes his tattoo despite Yamato’s efforts. To save the injured Yamato, Eiji passes the tattoo onto him, entrusting him with protecting the Akatsuki Special Ward in his sacrifice.

As the ward continues to collapse under conflict, will Yamato be able to use his newfound Scard powers to protect his loved ones, or will he falter trying to become the new Hero of Akatsuki?


Status: Finished Airing

Year: 2021

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